Outdoor Recreation

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Goochland County offers outdoor recreational opportunities that everyone can enjoy! Whether it be floating down the James River, enjoying one of Goochland's many parks, or taking a bike ride to view the stunning landscape, Goochland County has something for you!

Goochland County also offers the avid hunter and fisherman with many spots to enjoy their hobby. The avid hunter is able to pursue deer, turkey, pheasant, and duck in Goochland County. You can also sign up for an upland bird hunt through one of the two public hunting preserves in Goochland, Orapax Hunting Preserve and Rasawek Hunting Preserve .

Goochland County is also home to several public and private golf courses, driving ranges, and mini-golf courses. Come on out and hit the links, work on your game, or bring the family for a fun outing of mini-golf! 

Horseback riding and horse shows are popular activities in Goochland, meaning there are numerous stables located throughout the community for tourists to visit. 

View a full list of outdoor recreation activities and businesses.

Leakes Mill Mountain Biking Trails

Leakes Mill Park offers a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities, but is most known for its mountain biking trails. These trails offer mountain biking enthusiasts nine miles of multi-use trails to test their skills! The park also hosts several mountain biking events and competitions throughout the year for all to enjoy!

Wildlife & Bird Watching In Goochland

Goochland's many parks offer great opportunities for avid bird watchers to enjoy their hobby and wildlife. Popular parks for bird watching in Goochland include Hidden Rock Park, Leakes Mill Park, and Tucker Park. Goochland's avid bird watchers have claimed to seen Baltimore Orioles and Common Loons at Tucker Park, both of which can be rare sightings depending on the time of year!

Leakes Mill Park is also a designated spot on the Virginia Bird & Wildlife Trail. It is a part of the Green Springs Trail Loop. Click on the link below to read more about the potential wildlife you could spot!

Need supplies to enjoy your adventure?

If you are out in Goochland and need supplies for your outdoor adventure, North River Outdoors and Hunt 'N' Shack Archery has what you need to enjoy the great outdoors. 

Don't Let Rain Ruin Your Trip

If you are heading out to Goochland and think the rain is going to ruin your trip, look no further to either The Virginia Axe Company or Drive Shack. Both of these offer great fun and will keep you dry until the rain passes!

GeoCaching in Goochland

If you are looking for more adventure, Goochland has a variety of geocaching locations for the treasure hunter in all of us! Geocaching in Goochland offers another family fun activity as you explore everything we have to offer! 


Central High Cultural and Educational Complex (CHS)
2748 Dogtown Road, Goochland, VA 23063

Goochland Court House Green & Trails (GCG)
2938 River Road West, Goochland, VA 23063

Goochland Sports Complex (GSC)  
1800 Sandy Hook Road, Goochland, VA 23063

Hidden Rock Park (HRP)
1920 Hidden Rock Lane, Maidens, VA 23102

Leakes Mill Park (LMP)
3951 River Road West, Goochland, VA 23063

Matthews Park (MP)
5399 Matthews Road, Goochland, VA 23063

Reynolds Recreation Complex (RRC)
1851 Dickinson Road, Goochland, VA 23063

Tucker Park at Maidens Crossing (TP) 
1300 Maidens Road, Maidens, VA 23102


James River Public Boat Launches (Goochland & Powhatan)

Powhatan State Park: From Rt. 522 turn right onto Rt. 617, Entrance is on the left

West View: From Goochland, Rt 6 West (3.5); L on Rt 600 (4.8); R on Rt 643 (1.2) 

Tucker Park: Rt. 522 just south of Rt. 6

Watkins: From Bon Air, Rt 147 West (3); R on Rt 711 (6.5); R on Rt 625 (1.2)

Columbia: South of Columbia on Rt 690

Cartersville: Town of Cartersville on Rt 45

Maidens: Rt. 522 just south of Rt. 6

Float Times

Columbia to Cartersville   Canoe: 5-6 hours   Tubes: 8-9 hours

Cartersville to Westview   Canoe: 2-3 hours   Tubes: 4-5 hours

Westview to Maidens   Canoe: 8-9 hours   Tubes: 11-12 hours

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